SAE Mobilus login instructions for watching presentations from the SAE PF&L Conference.

1. Go to https://saemobilus.sae.org/


2. Click on Login:


3. Type your email address (the one you used to register for the event) and your SAE account password in the box and click ‘Login


4. Click ‘Search’ on the menu bar


5. Go to the box on the left and click on the word ‘Collections‘


6. Click the box next to the text ‘2020 Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Digital Summit Presentations’ and then click ‘Apply’


7. You can now browse the presentations by title and abstract, moving between pages, or perform a search in the search box (e.g. for ‘piston’):


8. When you find a title of interest, click on it (e.g.)


9. A page will open showing the pre-recorded video and the abstract. Click on the video to play it and click on the full-screen icon at the right side of the video bar to make it full-screen.